Come back to me, I had something for this.

Oh, hello there, Sterling Archer Draper Prycer! I know what you’re here for; you came here for hilarity, and indeed, you’ve been most patient. Alas, “Karen,” (alias legally required), the funny lady who authors this tumblr, was the victim of a horrific kidnapping, robbery and rape last month. I know, I know, it’s a bummer:

But as always when shit gets traumatic, good people step up. This has happened in these two demonstrable ways:

1. Friends have started a fundraiser for her recovery and aftermath costs that’s doing pretty well by initial standards, but actually needs more to allow her just to break even. (Did you know that being forcibly raped by strangers is super expensive? Neither did we! HIV/STD prophylaxis, medical co-pays for 1 millionish appointments, relocation costs when your home becomes a crime scene, etc; and on top of everything, it turns out Stabler and Benson are fictional, and thus of no use). If you want to kick a few bucks her way so that she doesn’t become a cautionary tale about how getting raped = debt, that would rock:

2. Here’s an exclusive picture of Pam the Archer crew drew just for her. The note with it said, “The thought behind the picture was to keep fighting as she recovers. To not let anything stop her. That’s how I feel about Pam. Whatever terrible things happen to her, she gets back up eventually, stronger than ever.” It rocked our freaking world, and we hope it rocks yours too. Special props to Amber Nash, voice of Pam, who sent a “holy shitsnacks!” short to “Karen” to show her support for her blog and her triumph over some serious shit[snacks].


Despite all this, “Karen” will be churning out new content imminently and giving you better mashups than ever. In the meantime, if you are inclined to toss some love her way via comment or fundraiser contribution, please step forward for the good karma you so richly deserve. That link again is:

And that’s all you’ll hear about that or anything non-SADP-related; this tumblr is here for your mashup amusement, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly — and permanently. Life goes on. Thanks for reading.